Monday, 30 April 2012

Death on Wheels

Almost finished the Mcgragge boxed set Marines today. Still got to finish the bases and put the transfers on but they are essentially done. I've also based the bikes on some resin bases I picked up on eBay. I probably should have pinned them on as they're only held on by superglue but I figured I'd do that if they came off easily.

I've now started work on a Razorback. I've managed to rig the turret with tiny (2mm x 1mm) magnets which William I can swap the configuration of weapons as I see fit (beats buying two just to have the choice). I'm also likely to start on my Death Company as well. I plan to use magnets on these too, to configure them with and without jump packs.

The new paints are working well. I'm really enjoying their new "stay open" mechanism, but it's a pity that some of the new paints seem to have been packaged in the old pots. Ah well

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