Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm still alive... honest

I've not posted in a few days. This has been for several reasons, one of which has been planning a move of house to one 600 miles away so it means time for modelling has been a bit thin on the ground.

Having said this I have managed to pretty much finish the 10 State Troops I started. I found the last stages quite tiresome as they seem to have an inordinate amount of small fiddly items on them (honestly 3 are carrying hour glasses! I'm not entirely sure what happens on a fantasy battlefield that requires the presence of such items but maybe I'm uneducated). In the end I think I fudged a lot of it, painted some items simply brown or even leaving them undercoat black. Its a minor thing as from a distance they look ok and they're only bog standard troops.

I went and finished the basing as well. In the end I went for classic static grass. At one point I was keen to do a half green, half snow base but I thought the Ostland black and white would look better offset with a base of green (which they do). All I need to do now is give them a quick spray of matt varnish (which will hopefully also tone down the grass a little).

I've also been working on finishing my Knights of Morr which are basic conversions, making skull head pieces in place of the usual feathers and animals. I feel strangely uninspired by them tho. I'd like to do something more interesting with Knights of the god of death but I simply have no parts or inspiration so this will do. I suspect them may come out a bit crap but we'll see.

Will take some pics of everything tomorrow hopefully.

[Edit : Added pics]

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