Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fantasy and Future

Been a bit of a mix today. Started off by picking up the Grey Knights codex for Warhammer 40k. Been thinking about starting a 40k army again for a while now but its been a toss up between Orks (again) Space Marines (not done that since 1st edition! ) or Grey Knights. I'm kinda into my fluff at the moment (fluff = background, lore etc) and the Grey Knights have that aplenty.
I have heard that various people find them too "beardy" (unbalanced, made for power gamers) but I heard a good counter argument today : if you want a balanced game, play chess :)
I also cajouled the missus into finishing her 4 bretonnian men at arms (pictured). I don't think she really enjoyed the cleaning up and gluing, so I'm hoping that she may enjoy painting more. Either way its not the end of the world if she hates it :)
I did a bit more working trying to finish assembling my knights of Morr. I've nearly finished and then will be time to base and (finally) undercoat them.

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