Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dan Abnett - he's alright

Sadly not much to report in the way of actual modelling or gaming this week. I have had a gander through the Grey Knights codex which is interesting but has highlighted one major flaw in my plan : I've not played 40k since 2002.
Now this may not be a big deal but my knowledge is of 3rd edition and its pretty rusty at that. As a consequence I find it hard to create a starting army list for the Grey Knights and start collecting the models when I can't really remember what I tactics I liked to employ!
I seem to remember a game in 1999 with Orks that went rather well (mostly involved piling in and giving the Chaos Space Marines a damn good kicking), but then I remember prior to this (and after again strangely) playing Imperial Guard and having a miserable time rolling buckets of dice but only hitting on 5+ and wounding on 6s (and then having most of them saved)...
So in essence I'd need to read the rules again BUT as I mentioned in a prior post, I'm not keen to learn 5th edition when 6th is apparently just round the corner!

So I read a book instead. I decided to give the Horus Heresy a try seeing as I can't remember much about the founding of the Empire (other that Horus was a traitor and engaged the Emperor in near terminal fisticuffs) so I picked up a cheap copy on Amazon and I have to say I'm rather enjoying it. So far my experience of 40k novels was reading the Last Chancers series by someone I've forgotten, which was ok but not an epic read. The first book in the series (Horus Rising) is (as my friend would say) a thumping good read and I'm having trouble putting it down....

In fact the missus is out, and I don't fancy watching TV or painting... time to read some more :P

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