Thursday, 8 March 2012

40k musings

Oh thought I'd also mention that I've been looking at Warhammer 40k again. I've not played a game of this since 2002 (3rd Ed I think) so I'm a bit behind. I got the current boxed game about 2 years ago and also a battalion (or equivalent) boxed set of Orks (which I remember being great fun in 1999) about the same time.
I made up the Orks but it never got any further than that.

So I've not been distracted from my Warhammer Fantasy mission but I have been reading the 40k rules again (much of which I can remember).
HOWEVER a little sniffing on the internet has shown a supposedly "leaked" copy of a possible 6th edition of 40k. Now I've had a look at the file and I agree with most other commentators that this is either the real deal or  its a very good attempt by someone. It makes some radical changes to the game while making it faster (even introducing a new stat to the familiar M WS BS etc )
Now I remember the 3rd Ed Ork codex appearing in a similar vein and the real thing was available to buy a few months later. This coupled with the fact that the current edition came out in 2008 (I think) leads me to suspect that a new edition is probably on the way.

With that in mind I'm not making a serious attempt to learn the rules again or even buy any new models or books as I think it would be prudent to wait and see what arrives.

This also ties in well with trying to keep on track with my Empire Army :)

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  1. I recently got back into 40k. Last time I had played was back in 2nd - 3rd edition also. Its been a blast.