Tuesday, 27 March 2012

GW release irritation

Spotted a post on Bell of Lost Souls outlining GWs release list for April. Annoyance has been generated by the revelation that it's mostly Empire stuff including a new book.
Frustrating as I only picked the book and models at the beginning of the year. Ah well
More info here http://t.co/wJPc95H9

Monday, 26 March 2012

Delayed by Miss Marple

As bizarre as it sounds my painting today has been dominated by painting a 1/12 scale model of Miss Marple. My dad asked me to paint a model of his for his working steam railway. Both parents are visiting this week so I thought it would be a good idea to finish it. :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dan Abnett - he's alright

Sadly not much to report in the way of actual modelling or gaming this week. I have had a gander through the Grey Knights codex which is interesting but has highlighted one major flaw in my plan : I've not played 40k since 2002.
Now this may not be a big deal but my knowledge is of 3rd edition and its pretty rusty at that. As a consequence I find it hard to create a starting army list for the Grey Knights and start collecting the models when I can't really remember what I tactics I liked to employ!
I seem to remember a game in 1999 with Orks that went rather well (mostly involved piling in and giving the Chaos Space Marines a damn good kicking), but then I remember prior to this (and after again strangely) playing Imperial Guard and having a miserable time rolling buckets of dice but only hitting on 5+ and wounding on 6s (and then having most of them saved)...
So in essence I'd need to read the rules again BUT as I mentioned in a prior post, I'm not keen to learn 5th edition when 6th is apparently just round the corner!

So I read a book instead. I decided to give the Horus Heresy a try seeing as I can't remember much about the founding of the Empire (other that Horus was a traitor and engaged the Emperor in near terminal fisticuffs) so I picked up a cheap copy on Amazon and I have to say I'm rather enjoying it. So far my experience of 40k novels was reading the Last Chancers series by someone I've forgotten, which was ok but not an epic read. The first book in the series (Horus Rising) is (as my friend would say) a thumping good read and I'm having trouble putting it down....

In fact the missus is out, and I don't fancy watching TV or painting... time to read some more :P

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fantasy and Future

Been a bit of a mix today. Started off by picking up the Grey Knights codex for Warhammer 40k. Been thinking about starting a 40k army again for a while now but its been a toss up between Orks (again) Space Marines (not done that since 1st edition! ) or Grey Knights. I'm kinda into my fluff at the moment (fluff = background, lore etc) and the Grey Knights have that aplenty.
I have heard that various people find them too "beardy" (unbalanced, made for power gamers) but I heard a good counter argument today : if you want a balanced game, play chess :)
I also cajouled the missus into finishing her 4 bretonnian men at arms (pictured). I don't think she really enjoyed the cleaning up and gluing, so I'm hoping that she may enjoy painting more. Either way its not the end of the world if she hates it :)
I did a bit more working trying to finish assembling my knights of Morr. I've nearly finished and then will be time to base and (finally) undercoat them.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Busy busy busy

Not a lot to report on the wargaming front this week due to landing some temp work for 2 weeks. Technically I could paint when I got home but there's a lot of other stuff to do at the moment due to planning a move up to Inverness at the end of May.

Having said that I have been cleaning a few 40k boxed set Space Marines up and reading Dan Abnett's first Horus Heresy book : Horus Rising (which is quite good so far).

Hope to do something wargame related tomorrow in-between other things (why is it people wait til your busy to start asking you do do more stuff!)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

40k 6th Edition likely out this Summer

Further to my musings below it would appear to people more into it than me that the 6th edition of 40K is very likely to come out this summer. Further reading can be found here :


Thursday, 8 March 2012

40k musings

Oh thought I'd also mention that I've been looking at Warhammer 40k again. I've not played a game of this since 2002 (3rd Ed I think) so I'm a bit behind. I got the current boxed game about 2 years ago and also a battalion (or equivalent) boxed set of Orks (which I remember being great fun in 1999) about the same time.
I made up the Orks but it never got any further than that.

So I've not been distracted from my Warhammer Fantasy mission but I have been reading the 40k rules again (much of which I can remember).
HOWEVER a little sniffing on the internet has shown a supposedly "leaked" copy of a possible 6th edition of 40k. Now I've had a look at the file and I agree with most other commentators that this is either the real deal or  its a very good attempt by someone. It makes some radical changes to the game while making it faster (even introducing a new stat to the familiar M WS BS etc )
Now I remember the 3rd Ed Ork codex appearing in a similar vein and the real thing was available to buy a few months later. This coupled with the fact that the current edition came out in 2008 (I think) leads me to suspect that a new edition is probably on the way.

With that in mind I'm not making a serious attempt to learn the rules again or even buy any new models or books as I think it would be prudent to wait and see what arrives.

This also ties in well with trying to keep on track with my Empire Army :)

I'm still alive... honest

I've not posted in a few days. This has been for several reasons, one of which has been planning a move of house to one 600 miles away so it means time for modelling has been a bit thin on the ground.

Having said this I have managed to pretty much finish the 10 State Troops I started. I found the last stages quite tiresome as they seem to have an inordinate amount of small fiddly items on them (honestly 3 are carrying hour glasses! I'm not entirely sure what happens on a fantasy battlefield that requires the presence of such items but maybe I'm uneducated). In the end I think I fudged a lot of it, painted some items simply brown or even leaving them undercoat black. Its a minor thing as from a distance they look ok and they're only bog standard troops.

I went and finished the basing as well. In the end I went for classic static grass. At one point I was keen to do a half green, half snow base but I thought the Ostland black and white would look better offset with a base of green (which they do). All I need to do now is give them a quick spray of matt varnish (which will hopefully also tone down the grass a little).

I've also been working on finishing my Knights of Morr which are basic conversions, making skull head pieces in place of the usual feathers and animals. I feel strangely uninspired by them tho. I'd like to do something more interesting with Knights of the god of death but I simply have no parts or inspiration so this will do. I suspect them may come out a bit crap but we'll see.

Will take some pics of everything tomorrow hopefully.

[Edit : Added pics]