Saturday, 25 February 2012

WD387 - oh No no nooooo

Got my subscribed copy of White Dwarf this morning. Now I know WD has always been a balancing act to get all the 2 (then 3) major games covered, but the latest issue is so full of fail I can't think where to start.

Ok Im slightly biased and I'm more about Warhammer Fantasy than the other games these days but I can still find some of the articles interesting.

First off then, theres the new Space Wolves. I think its a bad thing if my first reaction is "Oh No no nooooo". Marines, riding wolves? Seriously? Ok Warhammer 40K is the big one these days (as previously stated apparently its the popularity in the US that we have to blame for this) and Space Wolves are possibly the most popular Space Marine chapter, but riding wolves?
Ok the models look ok-ish but I think in terms of the feel of a futuristic game that they're WAAAY off and look ridiculous! Ok have some wolf like attachments to armour and have fur on them or something but not an actual wolf.

Meh maybe I just don't get Space Wolves. I know an old work colleague collects them religiously (to the point where he has masses of boxed sets stored somewhere) but c'mon GW.

Anyway back to the rest of WD387. A large chunk of the mag is dedicated to Space Wolves and the new Tyranids (that look ok but very samey) and as they don't really float my boat I skipped them... It turned out this didn't leave much to the rest of the mag. There was part 3 of their Warhammer civil war expansion which still didn't deal with any army I own so I skipped over it; Standard Bearer where Jervis answered some commonly asked questions (the answers to which seemed to be the same for 3 of the questions, leading to the feeling that this was a bit of a space filler) and a bit on Lord of the Rings gaming (again not really into that so skipped that).

In fact the only vaguely fascinating part of this mag was a 5 page section on some Golden Daemon winners entries. Either way not an impressive issue. It reminded me of when I used to work for Forgeworld. When the new WD came out we were all given a free copy, and the joke was that someone would say "oh the new toilet roll has arrived". I kind of felt like that today. After 20 mins of skimming through it, it went back on the shelf.
Ah well.

If you want more info on the Space Wolves look here. And more on WD387 here.

[EDIT - 2 days later]
On hindsight the Space Wolf models are growing on me. The wolves themselves have cyber implants which are quite nice... interesting initial reaction tho.

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