Thursday, 9 February 2012

The State of Play

So following on from the last post here's where we're at so far.
Rulesets Currently owned : Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Ancients : Trafalgar, DBM (no idea what version), misc other rules

Given my current penchant for fantasy settings we're going to go with Warhammer Fantasy. I've also made a start on a new Empire Army. This is a little break from the norm for me as I previously have played Orcs (and indeed still have a small number and a lot of goblins for some reason) so I began with the regiment boxed set (acquired cheaply off eBay). My current goal is to get to 1000pts worth of models and then actually play some one. By my calculations, with this boxed set and another state troops box, all I need to top out to 1000pts is a general of some description, another cannon and a wizard.

Now here is where I've gone wrong in the past. Previously I've bought all the models I could possibly need then get bogged down with the actual making and painting meaning it takes years to get it all together. This time I'm restraining myself... Well actually finances are restraining me too so I guess it all works out.
So at time of writing I have pretty much made up all of the models I have (which means scraping off the mold lines and glueing them together). I have still to make up the knights in the boxed set but have put the horses together. Next I will need to base the models (sand and glue) and then undercoat them to begin painting.

I have decided to go with an Ostland themed army. This was partly down to the fictional history of them and partly down the colour scheme. They are usually painted in a black and white pattern and while I would have liked to try some colour with them I couldn't find an army with a history and location I liked in the warhammer world  - Ostland is in the north east where they have to contend with Orcs and the like. Painting white is going to be a pain (I have experience when painting a Tau squad many years ago) but I'm led to believe that GW's new foundation paints may ease the pain a little. We will see.

In a surprising but very pleasant move my wife has become interested in making some models. Actually the way she phrased it was "Do you have any models I could have a go at?" It may sound callous but in these days of expensive models I was reluctant to give her some of the ones I had nearly finished cleaning, so I suggested we look at the Warhammer rule book together and she could pick one that she liked the look of. In the end she went for Bretonnians so I have bought her a box of Men-at-arms in order to see what she makes of it. I have left it up to her if she wants to continue after them and she is happy to try it and see.

I shall report on both our progress in due course. 

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