Friday, 10 February 2012

Quick reorder

Annoyingly curvy!
Well after waiting over a week for my wife's miniatures to arrive, I discovered that the order had changed from "processing" to "awaiting stock". Highly annoying as I'd picked this one retailer as their website said the item was in stock.
Anyway have now cancelled that order and reordered with Gifts for Geeks so we will see.
I'm kind of stuck at the moment as I'm awaiting a new hobby drill. I've had an old citadel one for nearly 14 years now but I managed to loose the drill bit holder while moving a few months ago so figured it was time to get one of citadels new rubberised ones. I need the drill as the empire knights I've got are made of slightly softer plastic. As a result the lances are a little droopy so I'm going to drill them out and refit the with some scale steel pikes I got years ago from Perry miniatures.

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