Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Organising the models

I was in Aldi on Tuesday and spotted a nice little rack system for £8.99 and thought "Hmm. That would be handy to put the millions of GW bitz I've picked up over the years, instead of leaving them on sprues in a box".
So I picked it up and spent a bit of time yesterday snipping bits off sprues to add to the trays.

Admittedly it will need labelling but I've found the exercise handy as its revealed exactly how much crap I've hoarded over the years. I've even thrown some Orc spear arms away (as I can't imagine I'll ever need more than the 20 I kept).

In other news I appear to have gotten a cracked or bruised rib from coughing last week, so moving, sleeping and generally existing seem to be a bit painful at the moment. This has taken a toll on the painting as I don't really feel in the mood a lot of the time. Hopefully this will pass soon.

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