Thursday, 9 February 2012

New blog, old habits

Greetings, welcome and hello to my new blog.
I've been on the internet now since 1996 and to be honest I've never stuck with blogging. Its something I've started, forgotten about, restarted, given up, really gone for it and then got distracted by something else.

This is only the second time I've used Blogger for this. The last few attempts have been via using my own URLS and Wordpress sites. The trouble with this is that I end up spending far too much time farting around with how the site looks and the behind the scenes technical stuff rather than actually updating the content.

The aim of this blog? Well as the title suggests I'm and Intermittent Wargamer. I've been playing wargames since I was a teenager (started back in 1989 with HeroQuest) and have even worked for Games Workshop on several occasions but I haven't actually played a wargame itself since 2003. This was when I was working for Forgeworld at the GW HQ. It was a great job, hard work coupled with time to paint and play games in breaks.

Anyway fast forward 9 years and I'm now married and (currently) unemployed finding a lot of time on my hands so I've been attempting to get back into wargaming.

Now you might say with all that experience under my belt I should have a shed load of models. Well the answer is both yes and no. Yes I have a number of models BUT over the years I have sold off any that were worth anything in order to pay for .. life really. As such this time I've started from scratch.

In my next post I'll let you know where I'm currently at and where the future lies.

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