Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More colour, less accuracy

Something appears to have happened since I last painted miniatures... either I wasn't as good as I thought I was or my painting skill has deteriorated over time.
Now I always thought I was a good painter; not Golden Daemon standard (although I thought I could if I bothered to really apply myself) but above average and way better than a newbie. However when painting these models I find that my fine motor skills aren't behaving as they once did. I was able to paint Warhamster (Warmaster) models with fine detail that used to astound my co workers at Forgeworld, however today I was having trouble putting base colours on a normal Warhammer miniature.

Now this could be down to two things: 1.) I have a terrible memory and my skill is just the same as it was. 2.) my painting position, light level or simply my skill level just isn't right.

I suspect its more option 2 than one as I have pictures of my previous work to look at. This is the first time I've painted without a dedicated painting table. Previously I've always had a desk to work at and a decent light source. Since I got married and moved I've found that these things are hard to come by in our flat, hence the Paintstation+ thats in the pics. It means I can sit with my wife and paint etc without her feeling that I'm abandoning her to my hobby or something. We also don't really have the space for a desk so I can't do that. As for light level I'm forced to use an LED headlamp to get enough light for painting but this doesn't work so well as the light cone is quite small at arms length and I find myself bobbing my head to keep a miniature lit as I paint.

So I hope to try and find a lamp of some description tomorrow with a super bright bulb.

Also here's todays painting. I've basecoated the metal, leather and flesh parts of the halberdiers as well as painting the shafts of the halberds. Painting the faces is proving to be a pain in the arse as the halberds are at such an angle as to block half the face. On hindsight I should have painted the faces first before doing the uniform: a lesson to learn for the next 10.
I'm also going to experiment with GWs new washes. I was suitably impressed with their black which was a departure from their old stuff (put it this way, I was still using my old round pot of black wash I bought in 1992 as all the re-releases seemed to be the same). More when I actually do it :)

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