Thursday, 23 February 2012

Flesh painting issues

Well work continued today on the State troops, however I appear to have made a schoolboy error with painting the faces. As previously noted I was having trouble painting them in the first place but I think I've gotten over the actual painting. The trouble I now have is my choice of colour use.

I started out by painting the face with Tallarn Flesh, then in a rather hasty manoeuvre I went and highlighted straight away with a Vallejio Sunny Skin paint on 3 models. This just looks wrong.
I appear to have forgotten what I knew about painting flesh (which annoyingly came back to me after I'd done this), which was to wash at this stage then build up by mixing paints rather than trying to cheat and use paints from the bottle.

As a consequence 3 models have shocking skin. I may even be forced to paint over this and hope I don't loose the detail.

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