Saturday, 11 February 2012

Basing Frenzy

Well almost anyway. Decided to try an experiment. Years ago I got hold of some BaseTex basing material from a wargames show. It was essentially a large jar of brown paint with sand mixed in. It was exceptionally handy for quickly basing miniatures. I tried finding it online recently but Irregular Miniatures (who I believe made it) have an irregular way of selling (ie you can only call them 2 days a week) plus the shipping price was off putting so I decided to make my own with some Bestial Brown paint and sand in a spare pot I had.

 I decided to test in on the base for my Mortar before I'd glued the model to it.  The results weren't as great as I'd hoped and I'm not convinced this is a better way to base models. (see right)

So I went ahead and based nearly all the other miniatures the old fashioned way (ie PVA glue and sand). I also used a few small rocks I found outside to add a bit more flavour to some of the bases.
Now previously after adding the sand to the glue I have added a watered down PVA mix to the top of the sand to really glue it down, but recently I've come to doubt if this step is necessary so this time I'm going to see if the initial PVA layer plus the undercoat spray holds it.
Yeah I know I own a Paintstation +. Meh It means I can paint while sitting with my wife in front of the TV :)

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